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a team of two close friends,

ALUMEIRE combines our mutual love for both light and dark aesthetics through illustration, merchandise,

and collaborative projects.


ALUMEIRE was formed by two artists, pocket and Jaizure. Pocket and Jaizure met through art groups online and over time became close friends. The two noticed they shared similar tastes and style when it came to artwork and decided to become a collaborative team, touring conventions and creating projects together and with other amazing artists.

D7SKCocXoAAczYd.jpg large.jpg
D9DeMajU4AAaYlv.jpg large.jpg


Individually, pocket and Jaizure have been present in the art scene for quite some time. Jaizure, running various merchandise projects and pocket, dabbling in commercial work in the game design field. Together, the two have created multiple successful merchandise collections and toured the states selling at conventions such as Phoenix Fan Fusion, Rose City Comic Con, and Anime NYC.

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